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Global Justice

Mission and Vision

The Global Justice Ministry at Encounter Church exists to alleviate spiritual, social, and economic poverty among the most neglected people in the world as a tangible expression of God's love.  Our hope is that people from every language, culture, and ethnic group experience the joy, hope, peace, purpose, and eternal life that comes only through a personal relationship with Jesus.


Get Involved

GO OR SENDMany of our Global Justice partners host mission trips for individuals, families and groups.  Participate in a mission trip or sponsor someone else to go.

LEARN Discover how God is working around the world to bring the hope of Jesus.  We are working to offer the Perspectives Class in 2024.


PRAYIntercede on behalf of our global partners and pray for Encounter's growing work to bring the transformative love of Jesus to neglected people groups.


JOIN THE GLOBAL JUSTICE TEAMUse your passion and gifts to raise our Global Justice efforts to the next level!  Whether your strengths are in planning, praying, supporting, or getting hands-on in the field, there’s a place on our team for you. 

Missionaries and global partners

Prayer Cards

We support 11 of our partners all across the world. Learn more about our missionaries and how you can keep them in your prayers.

  • Gospel
    We value God's unconditional love. The good news of what God has done to restore and reconcile our relationship with Him through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is our foundation.
  • Soul Care
    We value intimacy with God. We want to slow down, spend time with God, and let him continually renew our inner-self. We prioritize being over doing.
  • Salvation
    We value eternal life for people of all nations, tribes, and languages. We value ethnic diversity in our leadership and ministries. Our efforts are aimed at reaching new people, not recycling saved people.
  • Justice
    We value the calling that comes with salvation to seek justice and love mercy as a tangible expression of the Gospel. We seek racial and social justice for all of God's creation, particularly for the most marginalized and powerless in our community and around the world.
  • Community
    We value living lives rooted in authentic relationships. We believe that being a disciple of Jesus is directly connected to cultivating deep relationships with one another where there is vulnerability, accountability, and shared spiritual disciplines.
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