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Guest Services

Be the first to welcome guests as they arrive and help guide their first steps in having a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Encounter Kids

Changing the lives of the next generation with gospel-centered stories, worship, and activities. Ages 3 to Grade 5.

Encounter Youth

Growing the faith of students with a gospel-centered message, worship, and groups. Grades 6-12.


Worship Team

Get involved in the worship ministry by serving in music, audio, media, and the arts. Meets on Thursday and Sunday. Ages 13+.

Online Ministry

Share the stories of people's lives being transformed by the gospel through photography, video, and social media.



Assist staff with projects and administrative tasks, as well as preparation for the upcoming weekend experiences. All operation opportunities are during the weekday in various locations.

Justice Ministry

Be a part of making a difference in our city. Partner with local organizations to serve the most marginalized. 



You don't have to be perfect to lead a group. Help create a place where people can be real and grow.

Serve Today

Every person has God-given abilities that can be used to make a difference. When you use them to serve God, not only will you grow stronger through the expression of your unique giftedness, but the whole church will be built up. You are needed.  Have questions?  Contact us and a member of our team will assist you.

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